About me

I am an investments analyst at an asset management firm.

FYI – this blog contains my own views and not those of my employer!

My reasons for writing:

Investing for your future is an important aspect of all our lives, but for some reason we don’t get taught about this stuff at school?!? Forever grateful for all those maths lessons on quadratic equations though (:

So I’ve taken it upon myself to share the knowledge I have in the hope that we all make better decisions around the investments we make.

My background:

I studied economics at university and interned in investment banking. Then worked as a trainee financial adviser and now I work as an investments analyst. So I’ve basically been around investing in some way professionally for the last five years and even more when you factor in the investments that my family have made.

In summary:

I think about investing in three forms:

  • Investing in others
  • Investing in assets
  • Investing in myself

Posts on here will be centred around the aforementioned topics. I will try to break things down so they are easy to understand so feel free to send me questions/things you would like me to cover and I will do my best to answer them in either a blog post or video form.

Final note:

I am just sharing knowledge, but ultimately it is up to you to do the research and understand what you are getting into if and when you do invest.

Please remember that with investing the value of your assets can go down as well as up.